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Why Insurance is Important Once You Have Created a Beauty Empire

Why Insurance is Important Once You Have Created a Beauty Empire

The beauty world is a complex, yet rewarding one. It is filled with ever-changing trends, cut-throat business environments, and a rich culture dating back most of human history. So it is no surprise that thousands of people attempt to break into the world of beauty and fashion every year.

But people often forget that any beauty empire, whether it be selling make-up or clothes. Or even if it’s just a modeling agency. They are still a business. And any business requires a certain amount of business acumen and knowledge that can’t be found just within the pages of fashion magazines or on fashion blogs, not that these sources aren’t important for this line of work.

Today we are going to be talking about an often forgotten aspect of business and one that is crucial for a beauty empire. Insurance. We will look at the different types of insurance your business empire will need and why you will need them.

Why You Need General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is mainly needed if your type of beauty business works with customers in a front-facing environment. Hairdressers, saloons, spas, fashion boutiques. Any business that has customers entering your premises.

General liability insurance essentially protects you, and the customer, against injury, theft, and property damage. It is used when a customer attempts to make a claim against your business. So if a customer trips over something in your store and is injured, they might want to get compensation from you. If you have GLI then the insurance company will handle this and make a payout, protecting your company from taking a hit.

This is super important, especially for hairdressers or salons. In these environments, there are lots of potential hazards. Burning off equipment. Chemical irritants. Allergic reactions. Trip hazards. So this type of insurance is a must!

Why You Need Workers Insurance

If you are lucky enough to have built a beauty empire, chances are you will have a lot of staff. And with a large staff base comes a lot of potential issues. Sick leave. Accidents. Arguments and HR disputes. All of which can potentially lead to action against your company. Workers’ compensation insurance is a way to protect your staff and yourself in case any of these situations arise.

Say a member of staff burns themself badly on curling irons. If you have insurance then they will pay out the settlement rather than you. Or if a member of staff is taken ill, through no fault of your own, then this type of insurance will help pay their medical bills without you being out of pocket. It is important for any large business to have this type of insurance as it boosts staff morale and is also great for PR as well.

Why You Need Life Insurance

This one might seem a bit confusing. How does life insurance affect your business? Isn’t it just focused on you? And you’re right. But think of it this way. Your business is as much part of you as say your hobbies or favorite meals. It is your creation and you want it to be cared for after you’re gone, in the same way, you want your family to be cared for.

Life insurance only pays out when you’re dead, or if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer in some policies. There are plenty of different types of life insurance policies. Direct term is a policy that runs for a specified period. Normal life insurance runs for as long as you pay it. We usually recommend that you learn about direct term life insurance policies as they are the most flexible and customizable policies. As a business owner, you will want something you have more control over and can style to your needs.

Life insurance is vital for the continuing success of your business after you’re gone. If it’s a family business then you will be able to leave your successor a sizable sum to help get them started and keep the business afloat. Many insurance firms will also offer counseling and guidance to the bereaved after the fact as well. So you can rest assured both your family and your business will be in safe hands.

Why You Need Data Breach Insurance

The digital age is here in full force. Even the beauty business world has to make use of digital data storage. But with digital storage comes the threat of data leaks. This has become more prevalent in recent years with a number of larger companies suffering data leaks, including Apple, Google, and even Amazon.

Data breach insurance is, as the name implies, insurance against a data breach. You could have the most expensive digital security on the market and still suffer a data breach. This type of insurance covers you against claims made against your company by clients if their data is stolen.

Beyond that a lot of insurance companies will also pay for PR campaigns to help mitigate the reputation damage to your business after the fact, meaning you won’t be out of pocket. And the companies will often provide cyber-security specialists to help shore up your digital defenses too. This is an insurance type you simply cannot afford to skip out on.

5 Ways to Make Your Next Girl's Night More Exciting

5 Ways to Make Your Next Girl’s Night More Exciting

As a woman, some of the best nights that you will have in your lifetime are the nights that you spend with your girlfriends. Sometimes all that you need is to spend some time with your gal pals and relay your most recent events to each other.

If you are a woman, then it is likely that your upcoming girl nights are something that you eagerly look forward to. When you find people that you relate to and get along well with, you can have all sorts of fun with nothing more than a couple of bottles of wine and some great music.

Girls nights give you a chance to share any big news you have, as well as plan upcoming events and confide in your friends. For the last year, there has been a bit of a halt on being able to attend or host girls nights, due to covid restrictions. Now that you are allowed to meet up with your friends again, you may be excited but also a bit apprehensive. Being social doesn’t come as naturally to people anymore, so you may be afraid that your next night with your girls might be a bit stiff. We have your back, here are 5 easy ways to make your next girls night much more exciting.

Head to a Karaoke Bar

Head to a Karaoke Bar

A great way to break through any awkwardness that may be lingering is by heading to a karaoke bar. You have no choice but to throw yourself into the situation when you are at a karaoke bar and it can be an embarrassing experience for you all. Singing is good for the soul and so hitting the karaoke bar will be a great way to work through any frustrations and built-up feelings that you may have.

Play Some Fun Games

There is nothing better than playing a few cheeky games with your friends. There is absolutely nothing that you can not share with your closest girlfriends, but if you haven’t had the chance to catch up in a while, it may seem a little awkward. We say that you jump straight in and ask embarrassing truth or dare questions, this will allow you to fall back into the comfortable state that you are used to and will give you a chance to catch up on anything that you may have missed during the time you were not hanging out with your friends.

Have a Cocktail Night

When drinks are flowing, you are bound to have a great night. At this point, we think that it is required that every girl group has a signature cocktail. Instead of choosing from a cocktail that exists, you can buy a bunch of ingredients and try to make one for yourself. You could even make it into a friendly little competition and see who manages to make a cocktail that truly represents the style of the whole group. You can then continue to make this cocktail at every group meet up, which will become a fun little tradition.

Arts and Crafts Night

Not every girls night needs to be full of booze and outrageous activities. Sometimes we all just need a relaxed night, but you don’t have to have this relaxed night alone. Why not get the girls together and start a DIY project together. We recommend that you do something collaborative, such as a painting night. A very common trend is trying to recreate Bob Ross paintings and it is a lot of fun that is guaranteed to bring all of your friends together.

Retail Therapy

Everybody loves shopping and there is nothing better than mooching around the shops with your best friends. Your friends will tell you if something looks good or bad, which is honesty that we all need every now and again. In between heading to the shops, you can also stop for a bite to eat. This is a great activity for this time of year, where Christmas is coming up and a lot of gifts need to be bought.

You can fit in some great conversations when you are walking with your friends as there is not much that you can do while shopping aside from catching up.

The Do's and Don’ts on Your Big Day

Wedding Makeup: The Do’s and Don’ts on Your Big Day

As a woman, it is likely that you have spent the mass majority of your life planning your perfect wedding day. From childhood, the idea of one day being married is something that we all fantasize about. Even if you are someone that isn’t the biggest fan of the prospect of marriage, it is hard not to be excited about the idea of having a wedding one day.

A wedding day allows you to dress in a beautiful dress and be adored by all of your friends and family, so what’s not to love? Weddings take a lot of planning and every detail needs to fit the theme and meet a strict deadline, so even though weddings can be amazing, they are also very difficult to plan.

If you have found yourself lucky enough to be engaged, then it is likely that you are currently working your way through the process of planning a wedding. You may have gotten all of the important items sorted out, from the dress to the caterers. But as the big day approaches, it is time to take care of the little details. This means that you have to put time into picking out placemats, furnishings and most importantly, your makeup.

As the bride, all eyes will be on you, so you want to ensure that you are looking the best that you can. Wedding makeup is not the same as your everyday makeup and so there are certain things that you may do in your day to day life, that you simply can not do when you are getting married. Here are the dos and don’ts of your big day makeup.

Do- Hire a professional artist

An easy mistake that a lot of brides on a budget make is deciding to do their own makeup. You have enough to worry about on your wedding day, so why add to this worry by doing your own makeup?

If you are worried about the cost of a makeup artist, you could always suggest to your bridal party that you would like it paid for as a wedding gift. We specifically recommend that you go for a professional artist with a lot of experience in wedding makeup, as makeup for weddings has to be done a little different. Once you have found a makeup artist that falls into your budget, ask to see examples of previous work that they have done. This will allow you to feel more secure in their ability, while also giving you some inspiration on how you would like the makeup on your big day.

Don’t- Skip Makeup Practice

When you have found a makeup artist that you like, they usually offer you a trial run of the makeup before the wedding, so that you can see how it looks. This usually comes at an additional cost, so it is easy for you to be tempted to opt-out of it. This is something that you should never do. On your actual wedding day, you are working with limited time, so if you do not like the makeup you will not have a second chance to do it.

By doing a trial run of your makeup, you will be able to make any changes that you want or get rid of your makeup artist completely. Just because your artist looks good online, does not mean that they are great in person, so it is important to check so that you look good at your wedding.

Do- Match Your Glitters to Your Ring

Achieving the perfect wedding makeup is all about focusing on the little details. When you do your wedding makeup, you cannot go too big, so you really need to focus on the subtle details that you can add. A trend that a lot of brides are following right now, is matching the glitter on their eyes with the color of their ring. This really ties your look together perfectly and is a super simple way to make yourself look more beautiful.

If you are someone that has a clear ring, you may be wondering how you can add to your makeup look. The first question you should ask yourself is whether your ring is a diamond or moissanite. You may be wondering how this makes any difference, but there is more of a shine to moissanite compared to diamond, so if you have a moissanite ring you can go for a glam glitter, whereas if you have a diamond you can go for a subtle shimmer.

Don’t- Let Your Bridesmaid do Your Makeup

You may have a friend that always looks fantastic, however just because they can do their own makeup, does not mean that they can do yours. Don’t be tempted to take the cheap way out by allowing your friend to do your makeup, as they could completely mess it up and compromise your friendship.

5 Creative Ways to Match your Outfits with your Home

If you are someone that has a social media account, then you have probably been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people showing off their more recent home makeovers. Over the last year, we have all spent a lot of time at home and while the majority of us used that time to watch Netflix and put on weight, some people decided to reinvent their homes.  

One of the most recent trends that have been taking the internet by storm is matching your personal aesthetic with your house decor. Doing this has allowed some people to create eye-catching photographs, so there is no wonder why so many people are eager to try it out for themselves. Here are five creative ways to match your outfits with your home.  


Decide your signature color  

One of the first steps that you should make when trying to match your outfits with your home is choosing the primary color that you wear. We all have our preferences and knowing yours means that you will be able to buy the bulk of your decoration under a certain color. If you are unable to choose a color that represents your look, then pick a neutral color that goes well with the majority of your outfits.  


Don’t make your decor too permanent  

Something that we recommend is making sure that your home decor isn’t too permanent. It is not unusual for people to change up their individual style regularly and so it doesn’t make sense to be limited by your decorations. There are little tricks you can use to make sure that your decor isn’t extremely permanent. Something that is often done by content creators is buying interchangeable versions of decor. For example, you can buy backdrops that you can constantly change and hang in your home and they are very easy to attach to any surface. 


Don’t over decorate 

When people have their minds on a certain aesthetic, it is not unheard of for them to go a little crazy with decor. This is completely normal, but we recommend that you try and restrain yourself as you will only find yourself in a position where you have to replace a lot of decor in the future, which can be extremely pricey. Instead, keep your home decor minimalistic, so it will be much easier to shake it up when you feel like it. 


Workaround your decor, not your outfits 

Trying to match a room to an outfit can be a very difficult task, so that is why we recommend that you dress to fit your environment. Doing this will be much easier, as all you will need to think about is choosing the right colors and accessories. If you have ever tried to match your room to your outfit, you will realize that there are lots of different details that are difficult to express in your decor, so we suggest that you relax and keep it as minimalistic as you can.  



Patterns can be your best friend and also your worst enemy. Though patterns may seem like a good decorative choice, we recommend that you avoid overusing patterns as much as you can.  Depending on what you choose to wear, a bold pattern could conflict with the outfit that you have constructed, which will only throw off your whole look. If you do choose to use patterns, we recommend that you limit them to items that can be switched out and changed easily, such as pillows and throws. By doing this, you will save yourself a lot of stress in the future.  

How to Break Into the World of Professional Makeup Artistry

Becoming a professional grade makeup artist is a very hard task, the industry is a very busy area with more and more aspiring artists coming onto the scene to increase the competition that amateur makeup artists have to compete with on a daily basis. As the industry is so crowded it can be hard to know what to do in order to convey your art in a way that portrays you as an individual rather than being compared to other existing artists.


Create a Platform For Your Content

One of the best ways to get started as a professional makeup artist would have to be creating some form of a platform where you can display your amazing work for the world to see. If you want to spread awareness of the makeup services that you offer then it would be highly recommended that you start setting up a website or compiling a portfolio of your best work so that potential customers have something to look at that will persuade them to use your services. As make-up artistry is dependent on showing off your personal skills and style it is important that you have something in place to be able to show this off to potential customers. In comparison to an artist that does not do this, you will find a significant increase in your customers if you are showing off what you can do to an effective standard.

Social media is also a great place to set up a new platform where you can display your makeup talents as you have the opportunity to connect with thousands of people all over the world without much effort. As most artists are self-employed the fact that social media is free also helps to start your business as you do not have to pay for your advertising.


Social Media

Social media is a great tool for any amateur makeup artist as it is a free-to-use platform that can be used to display any of your previous makeup jobs as well as being used to set up future appointments with new clients. If you are a makeup artist and you are not currently making use of what social media can do for your business then I would urge you to start doing it immediately. Social media provides an advertising platform that you can use to spread the word about your skills as well as being a place where customers can contact you if they want to hire you for a makeup job.

Social media is also a great way to reach out to makeup brands who may be offering some kind of collaboration with new artists, many brands will partner up with popular makeup artists on social media to advertise their products. Often in exchange for a fee or some free makeup products, this can be a great way to create a relationship between yourself and any existing brands as well as providing the opportunity to get some free products that can be used in your kit.


Sourcing Your Professional Kit

One of the biggest challenges faced by new makeup artists is sourcing the products that are needed to be able to provide people with a high-quality makeup job. Your kit should be extensive enough to cover any needs your customer may have including having a client’s preferred formula and shade. Especially when you are first starting out you may find that you will need to make a significant investment in making sure you have everything you need to be able to do your job to the best of your ability.

If you are struggling with this then I would highly recommend that you reach out to any existing artists or lookout for any special offers aimed at helping new artists, some companies will offer a bulk buy deal where you can get all of the basics for one price which will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you are unsure about a career in the makeup industry then I would recommend that you take time to think about what you are doing as the investment required is not something that should be rushed into.


Trying New Things

If you really want to be successful in this industry then you should be looking at ways that you can present yourself as an individual rather than focus on trends that every artist is doing. The more unique you are then the more likely it is that people are going to rush to you to get their makeup done if you are offering something that cannot be found elsewhere. As one of the more creative jobs, you can do you should be trying new things and experimenting with your art every day to encourage yourself to try new things with how you do makeup.


Trying new things should be extended to the different beauty services that you offer, within this industry if you are able to do multiple things then it is likely that you will get repeat business from many of your clients. New processes such as offering lash lifts are very easy to become qualified for and all you need to buy is the nicky lash lift kit, and you will be able to begin offering lash extension services to your clients which extends your skillset.

8 Celebrities that Have had Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a marvel of modern medicine. People have always looked at their reflections and wished they could change something about themself. But with modern surgery techniques, this is finally possible. And there are those that still say cosmetic surgery is wrong. And many years ago the surgery on offer was a lot riskier and less effective. But now with better techniques and the fact, there are different types of microcannulas, cosmetic surgery is so seamless that it can be nearly impossible to tell if someone has had work done.

This is why we are counting down 8 big name celebs that have definitely had work done.

Micheal Jackson

The undisputed King of Pop. It’s hard to find a celebrity that has contributed more to music and who is missed as much as MJ. He was also the poster child for cosmetic surgery. MJ took it to the extreme changing his naturally darker skin to look white. It was very obvious that MJ had a lot of work done.

John Barrowman

Making a name for himself as Captain Jack Harkness in Dr. Who, John Barrowman became a British TV icon. Going on to be in a number of TV shows and movies globally. And in his older age, he has tried to maintain his youth by having a big of work done on his face. Nothing too serious, just a few touches up here and there.

Gweneth Paltrow

Whatever your opinion of Gwen, you can’t deny she looks good. Always looking fresh and fashionable, Gwen has maintained this by having the occasional touch up here and there. While she makes use of a lot of natural products as well, she isn’t afraid of taking the more artificial shortcuts to maintain her youth and splendor. And we say more power to her.

The Weekend

The Weekend isn’t just a time of the week. It is also a famous musician who has produced some of the best songs in recent years. He also produced one of the most scandalous photos of 2021 when he revealed his post-surgery face. Needless to say, it didn’t look all that good. Having gone very overboard, he now looks like he is made entirely of plastic. Harkening back to the days of classic plastic surgery. In our opinion, this is one celeb who was better off before.

Sharon Osborne

The beloved wife of Ozzy and a famous personality in her own right, Sharon has been a style icon for years. Always rocking colorful hair and some stylish, yet subtle outfits. And she isn’t afraid of putting in a bit of extra work to maintain this look.

And by work, we definitely mean cosmetic work. Sharon’s surgeries are extremely subtle. The occasional facelift or injection to keep her looking young and stylish.

John Travolta

There are few sex icons that evoke a strong response as John Travolta does. So many people remember him being their first big-screen heartthrob. But time ravages us all and no one is safe from it. Even the style icons of the past. This is why John opted to maintain his youthful looks and charm by topping himself up with some cosmetic surgery. Over the years John has had a number of small treatments making subtle changes to his face.

Kim Kardashian

The queen of celebrities who are famous for nothing, Kim Kardashian is a style icon and controversial figure in the fashion world. Always looking to stun with her killer looks and risky photo shoots. And, although she never admitted it, that butt is not all-natural. Kim isn’t above using medical short cuts to stay in the game. And we say more power to her.

Chrissy Tegan

Another style icon and dominator of the movie scene. Chrissy has been a big idol for me for many years now. Her fashion sense has always been ahead of the curve and her charitable contributions are heartwarming.

And she keeps up appearance quite literally. Opting to have a bit of work done, she is still looking as flawless as the day she first stepped onto a red carpet. Keep rocking it, Chrissy.

The Idiot’s Guide to Dying your Hair for the First Time

If it’s your first time dying your hair then all the different information online can be quite overwhelming. There are many factors to take into account when dying your hair for the first time, the biggest decision is deciding what color to dye your hair. You should give this a lot of thought as some colors wash out really quickly so you’ll have to keep redyeing your hair very often. Other colors don’t wash out as quickly but they require specific products and lots of maintenance to keep the color looking fresh so this is also something important to keep in mind when making your decision.


If you have a naturally light hair color then you can either get it done at the salon or even as a beginner you should be able to do this yourself. However, if you have naturally dark hair and want to go lighter, you can try this at home as there are lots of YouTube tutorials and walkthroughs of how to but we would recommend going to the salon as the process involves bleaching your hair if done wrong this can cause lots of damage to your hair.  Taking the jump to dye your hair for the first time can be a terrifying decision, even when you’ve decided what color to dye your hair it can be difficult to achieve the exact shade you’ve imagined and are wanting, but if you dye your hair successfully it’s a decision you’ll definitely be happy with. We’ve rounded up some of the best tips to help you be successful when dyeing your hair for the first time.

Advanced Preparation

Making sure you’re prepared is the key to successfully dyeing your hair. If you’re dyeing your hair yourself then it’s important you have everything you need. To dye your own hair you’ll need your chosen color or colors of hair dye, make sure you pick up an extra box or bottle if you have long or thick hair. You’ll need Vaseline to put on your face to stop your fine facial hairs from getting dyed, an old t-shirt that you don’t mind getting hair dye on, and a brush to apply the dye to your hair. If you’re going to a salon to have your hair dyed professionally for the first time then make sure you know how much it’s going to cost and have inspiration pictures to show your hairdresser the color that you want.

Consider the Maintenance

Different styles and colors require different levels of maintenance. If you dye your whole head then you’ll have to commit to monthly visits to the salon to get your roots dyed again when they grow out. You can do this yourself but be careful not to overlap where is already dyed. An easier style to maintain is a balayage, you can leave it to grow out and it will still look good, but it’s recommended to get it topped up every 6-12 months to keep it looking fresh. Also, consider the color, if you go for blonde you’ll need to use purple shampoo and conditioner to keep it looking fresh. Dark colors are the easiest to maintain as they don’t require any specific products, red tones are the most difficult to achieve and maintain so if you’re considering going red make sure you’re ready to commit.

Think About Skin Tones

When you’re looking online and on Pinterest for new fun hair colors you also have to take into account your skin tone and your natural hair color compared to the people in the photos. Your skin tone helps to determine what colors will suit you the most, if you have a pink skin tone then the best colors for you are the cool ashy toned colors and if you have a yellow skin tone then the warm and gold colors will be a better suit for you. Your natural hair color is also important to think about as if you have really dark hair then you’ll not be able to achieve bright colors the first time you dye it without damaging your hair, make sure to leave at least 2 weeks in between bleaching your hair to avoid damage.