Out of every ten people, four aspire to become a movie star. But not everybody can make it to Hollywood. 

If you have the talent and passion for acting, you can definitely become a Hollywood actor.

Hollywood is a glorious place, but you have to work really hard to reach there.

Most of the successful actors of Hollywood doesn’t come from an acting background or family.

They have worked hard, mastered the art of acting, and struggled in various auditions to make it big.

You have to plan and accomplish your goals one by one to read Hollywood finally.

Here, we will show you how to become a Hollywood actor. Follow these steps and keep going on, and hopefully, you will reach the big screens.

Steps to Become a Hollywood Actor:

We have created a plan for you. Follow these steps to score a role in Hollywood movies.

  • Step 1: Build Acting Skills: 

The most important thing you need to become a Hollywood actor is acting skills. If you don’t have any acting skills, you have to build it. Here are some steps on how you can build it.

  • School Theatre:

 You need to start participating in the school theatre. High school is the right time to start it. Go for auditions and become a part of the school theatre.

  • Theatrical Degree: 

You can opt for a theatrical degree in college. It will help you to brush up your theater skills and learn more about acting. Choose a good drama program.

  • Acting Classes: 

If you cannot opt for a degree that joins an acting class. There are plenty of acting classes where you can enroll to build acting skills.

  • Local Theatre: 

While learning acting, you can also volunteer in local theater. Search for local plays and volunteer for different jobs. It will help you to know how the industry works. If you are lucky, you can even get a role in the play.

  • Practice:

 Keep practicing at home. You can; your friends can practice role-play and improve your acting skills. You can also use a mirror to act.

  • Step 2: Get into the Industry

After you brush up your acting skills, you need to find a way to enter the industry. You will not get a big role immediately. But you have to enter the industry at least first.

  • Background Role: 

You can go for a background role where no dialogue is necessary.

  • Search for casting calls: 

You can also keep on searching for local casting calls. You will get a small role in short films.

  • Go to Los Angles: 

Try moving to LA. Here all the blockbuster movies are made. It will open doors of opportunity for you.

  • Non-acting Job: 

Search for any non-acting job you can get. It will help you enter the big industry and get financial support.

  • Step 3: Move up in the Industry

Now that you have entered the industry and know how everything works try to move up. Create contacts and try getting actual roles in the movie.

  • Acting Resume: 

Create an acting resume and improve it. Add good quality headshot pictures.

  • Agent:

 You can also get an agent to help you secure a role. It will be costly, but once you get the role, it will be worth it. Try to gain the attention of good agencies.

  • Join a Union: 

Try joining an acting union. Getting into a union is very difficult, so you have to put in lots of effort. After you enter, you will be recognized.

  • Audition: 

You have to start auditioning every day. Make it your job and keep on auditioning until you get a role.

  • Networking: 

Go to parties and events and start networking with influential people. Networks help a lot.

  • Step 4: Stay Optimistic

This is the most crucial step you need to remember. Securing a role can depend on your luck, as well. Many people get recognized quite early in their careers, while others have to go through hundreds of auditions. You have to stay optimistic and keep going on. Your persistence is what will lead you ahead in life. If you have talent, it will not be long before you get the perfect role of your dreams.

These are the things you need to do in order to become an actor in Hollywood. Follow these steps, give your best, and stay optimistic.