Have you ever wondered how much money your favourite Hollywood celebrity earn every year? This is the most common questing which intrigues the audience.

Hollywood is like a goldmine. It is the quickest way to make a fortune. Moreover, many celebrities went from rags to riches in a short period.

The most common example here is Johnny Depp, our very own Captain Jack Sparrow. He made more than $650 million from Hollywood films.

Well, the list of highest-earning Hollywood celebrities keeps on changing every year. So in this post, we are going to cover the highest-earning Hollywood celebrities of the year 2019 – 2020.

Top 10 Highest Earning Hollywood Celebrities:

As we all know, gender bias is widespread in Hollywood. The actors earn way more than the actresses do. But you will be surprised to find a few actresses popping in our top 10 list. With the rise in the feminist movement, the salary gap is narrowing down. So don’t be shocked if you find your favourite actress on the list.

Let’s end the anticipation and see who ranks number 1 in our list.

  • Kylie Jenner: $590 M

If you are surprised, here is another surprise for you. Not only is she the highest-earning Hollywood celebrity, but her annual earning is also $590 million. That’s more than the life-time earning of some of the famous stars. She doesn’t need any introduction. We all know who Kylie Jenner is. In the mere age of 22, she owns a billion-dollar empire. Although most of her earning came from business revenue, she still makes a lot of money from modelling, endorsements, TV Shows and movie appearances.

  • Dwayne Johnson: $87.5 M

WWE wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson has become the most popular Hollywood actor. He is famous from his wrestling name, “The Rock”. Moreover, he is the highest-paid male Hollywood celebrity. He earned $87.5 million from Hollywood movies alone. He appeared in more than three blockbuster film in a single year. And now that he signed a contract with DC, he is unstoppable.

  • Chris Hemsworth: $76.4 M

Chris made $76.4 million from Hollywood movies this year. We know his as Thor from Marvel Movies. Apart from that, his film, Extraction became the biggest Netflix hit of all time.

  • Ryan Reynolds: $71.5 M

And who can forget Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool? He is the second-highest-paid Hollywood celebrity. He earned $71.5 million from movies, TV shows, endorsements and business. Although his career was not bright when he started acting, he has become one of the most influential actors of our time.

  • Robert Downey Jr.: $66 M

When it comes to earning money, Iron Man cannot be left behind. RDJ earned $66 million from Marvel franchise this year. And even before this year, he made a lot of money from Marvel movies.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio: $63 M

Box office and Leo goes hand in hand. Every movie he acts naturally becomes a blockbuster. We all know him from his epic role in Titanic. He earned $63 million this year.

  • Mark Wahlberg: $58 M

Former rapper turned actor Mark Wahlberg is quite famous for movies like Transformers. He earned $58 million in the year 2019- 2020. He is number 4 on our list.

  • Scarlett Johansson: $56 M

Scarlett became the highest-paid Hollywood actress from her earnings from Marvel Movies. She earned $56 million from Hollywood movies this year. Although Kylie is the highest-paid actress, our Black Widow made all her money from movies alone.

  • Ben Affleck: $55 M

He is not just a good actor but a very brilliant director and producer as well. Moreover, he is our very own Batman. He is one of the most handsome and sophisticated Hollywood celebrity of all time. Also, he earned $55 million this year.

  • Vin Diesel: $54 M

He is an actor, director, writer and producer. We all know him from the action-packed movie series “Fast & Furious”. Moreover, he earned $54 million from Hollywood movies this year. His recent film was Bloodshot.

These are the top 10 highest paid Hollywood celebrities. Now, you know how much money your favorite Stars make in a year.