The web buzzes with action in an incredible accomplishment of bits and bytes, brimming with millions of terabytes of digitalized knowledge streaming every minute. It is a phenomenon of data whizzing across the globe, unseen to the human eye, but reflected through the digital machines and lossless-compression technologies that enable us to immediately see, talk and explore the universe and interact through real-time with our mates.

It’s a mechanical network that extends from region to region, electronically slithering its way towards our devices and surviving in the mysterious fog that not everybody can stomach. Yeah, the web is a massive, spinning behemoth full of mind-boggling, vast quantities of free-flowing info. Within such details is the knowledge that all of us are regularly searching, trying to better our lives through acquiring new abilities or attaining outlandish goals.

Yes, it is real-actors who are, in many respects, regular citizens, much like us. They might well have private jets to fly away to their vacation houses, but just like us, they do enjoy shopping, finding new places, and even attempting writing with their fingertips. Including Lady Gaga and Zooey Deschanel, just press 10 of our beloved bloggers worth following along.

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Queen B is indeed a rapper, songwriter, actress, girlfriend, businessman, and the Bonnie. Yet with all this, Beyonce still takes time to maintain her profile, literally called “I Am Beyonce.” She shares videos of her travels, concerts, dresses-think of it like a day in Beyonce’s story. Fans are offered an opportunity to have a unique sneak look at their everyday life. Her Blog is I am Beyonce.

Lady Gaga

The styling of Lady Gaga is one of the sort-the wigs, the large stage sunglasses, the costumes, and who can ignore the notorious meat clothes she wears to just the 2010 VMA’s? Today there is a spot to go to view all the amazing and often upsetting decisions made by Lady Gaga. She produced “Amen Style,” her site in apparel filled with many of her favors. And if you need advice on the look or just like to see where this is going to go along with her wardrobe selections, start watching her today. Her Blog is Amen Fashion.

Lucy Hale

In the Television show “Pretty Little Liars,” Lucy Hale earned her first start, and America has now grown to love her. Her profile makes her so much cuter. From funny videos, flicks shot on the PLL movie, to articles praising her followers for all their love, her Blog allows you to feel you would just like to be the BFF she wants. Her Blog is named Love Always Wins.


In 2008, Paltrow began her lifestyle blog named Goop. Why are you thinking, Goop? Okay, we’re not aware of the mysterious name and that we can assure you it’s a compilation of the finest ingredients, travel guides, beauty, advice on health, cultural references, etc. You might have had a major date, so you might have to locate the correct wardrobe and a menu for a relaxing evening out. And maybe you are taking a trip abroad, so people need to have some travel warnings and the right book to go through on the flight. Goop has gotten it all for you-all in one place, easily. Her blog post: Goop

Olivia Palermo

Through the reality TV show “The City” NYC fashionista Olivia Palermo captured our souls, and she’s already taking us back with her profile. She serves as that of the Executive Editor and Artistic Designer, giving you updates on beauty, wellness, and traveling. She has articles such as “Snapped,” including “I Like What She’s Wearing.”Upon reading across her article, it is obvious she is a design expert. Her blog is


The eccentric, nerdy and beautiful portrayal of Zooey of “New Girl” can’t stop making us laugh at all the uncomfortable circumstances in which she’s brought. Yet she’s busy posting away on Tumblr because she’s not making a scene on the series. You may catch her sharing pics about herself and her team on location, show off her new manicure or snuggle up with her adorable pets. Her Blog is named Zooey’s Miscellany.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian sisters have emerged from the rubble of their television series and discovered their talents again. It’s beauty for Kim and youthful parenthood.

Find out her Blog, which includes images from its Kardashian set, her shots and photographs, and also images including her family’s newest daughter, North West! Her Blog is named Kim Kardashian.

Frank Ocean

This rapping singer/songwriter initially burst onto the music community with his remix “Nostalgia, Ultra” featuring the hit “Novacane.” His album is renowned for its contemplation, social criticism, as well as avant-garde style as well as his Tumblr, will be no exception. Users via his Blog have a peek at Ocean’s mind and emotions. This was also the location where he was opening up about his identity and showing the public about his first guy love. His Blog is named Frank ocean.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This hunky man first got his start as a kid star-from the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” people may know him. Today, he’s a popular director, author, journalist, and blogger. Joe’s duck-faced photos and images can be seen at work, supporting one of his several ventures on his site, such as His Blog is named Hit Record Joe.

Coco Rocha

The Actress Coco Rocha has looks and brains to give. This beautiful Canadian model calls her blogging Oh So Coco (good title!), featuring images and videos of herself traveling the globe, running the ramp, pictures of her stunning print advertisements, and an odd photo of her like an adorable girl. Her Blog name is: Oh So, Coco.