4 Makeup Brands that Are Environmentally Conscious

To become popular nowadays, it is important that makeup brands are environmentally friendly as this is something that is becoming increasingly important for many people, especially the younger generation. People will likely not be aware that their favorite makeup brands are actually not environmentally conscious and maybe even test on animals- which no one in their right mind would be happy about! Below are 4 makeup brands that you can use and know that you are not causing damage to the environment.


PHB Ethical Beauty

Well, this one really is what it says on the tin and there’s no risk of you getting mistaken here. This brand is very dedicated to ensuring that all its products do not pose a risk to the environment, including anything living in it. All their products do not include any toxic ingredients, are vegan, and work on a 0 zero-waste policy. Their beauty product deals are established in tandem with charities and organizations fighting climate change. A lot of thought goes into the packaging of these products to ensure they can all be recycled properly and to reduce the plastic use that we often see in the shops. This does mean that these products are often packaged in a fairly plain style but this actually adds to their aesthetic.


Odylique By Essential Care

This is another makeup brand that wants to make it as obvious as possible that they stand for all things environmentally friendly but to prove to people that this does not mean the makeup quality to worse, if anything it’s been shown to be better! They sell a wide range of vegan products which do not include palm oil or any toxins that may not affect humans but can have a detrimental impact on the lives of animals. All ingredients are 100% organic which also means that they are great for sensitive skin, because why should products that make us feel better about ourselves cause us to break out in rashes?!


Vyana Plant Beauty

If you have a look at this brand’s products (especially eyeshadow) you will be amazed! The pigment of these products is amazing and isn’t it good to know that everything is not only beautiful but also natural and not harmful to the environment? This brand also has packaging that aims for zero waste but something particularly unique about Vyana is that they use packaging made from corn starch, making it not only recyclable but dissolvable.


Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

The name idea behind this one is quite funny- the brand explained that due to people who feel strongly about protecting the environment usually being pictured as ‘hippies’ who are natural and have bad hygiene, they thought it would be funny to give their environmentally cautious this very name. This brand offers one of the largest range of environmentally friendly products- including foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, and even moisturizers. They have recently branched out into doing skincare and hair products after the makeup range became so popular. There have been rumors that this brand is unfortunately not completely palm oil free so this is something they are working on!

Gaining or Losing Weight: The Tricks to Doing Both!

With the current state of the world, we have all become a lot more focused on the state of our health.  Each and every one of us is implementing new routines and eating patterns into our daily lives in order to ensure that our bodies are healthy enough to take on any medical issue that may be thrown at it.  

Not only are we trying to ensure that our bodies are as healthy as they can be, but many of us have also unfortunately fallen out of shape during the last year due to the unusual circumstances that we have all faced.  When it comes to returning to health, there is a common misconception that this only involves losing weight, which is simply not the case. 

Though losing weight can be an essential part of getting healthy, many people forget that gaining weight can often be just as important. If you have ever tried to do either, then you will be more than aware of just how difficult the process can be. Here are some of our essential tips for losing and gaining weight.  

Health supplements  

One of the best ways in which you can lose or gain weight is through the use of supplements. Supplements are fantastic for both losing and gaining weight. There are some supplements that are perfect for substituting calories that you may not be able to get naturally, which is great for people who aren’t able to gain weight from what they eat.  

Diet supplements have been popular for a number of years and there are a number of companies that promise that they will help you achieve weight loss. However, you can never be too sure with these companies and a lot of the pills on offer do not actually help you lose weight. A great way to find out whether or not diet pills work is by checking out reviews made about them, we recommend that you look into phenq diet pills review. Diet pills help to suppress your hunger, which is one of the main issues that people battling with weight loss have to overcome. 

Better eating habits 


One of the main causes of being overweight and being underweight is having poor eating habits. People who are overweight tend to eat more than they should, whereas people who are underweight simply don’t eat enough.  

Though eating isn’t the only determining factor of your weight, it does play a big part. If you are someone that wishes to lose weight, it is recommended that you eat smaller portions of healthier foods. Whereas if you want to gain weight, then it is recommended that you eat bigger portions more frequently. This is especially the case if you are someone that has a fast metabolism, as eating regularly will allow you to keep on top of the fat burning in your body.  

What you eat is also very important for your weight loss and gain journey. If you are trying to lose weight, then portions are not the only thing that matters. You also need to ensure that the products that you are putting into your body are healthy. Again, this doesn’t just apply to food, drinks are often forgotten during the weight loss journey even though they are often full of lots of sugar that can be detrimental to your weight loss. No matter whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain it, we recommend that you substitute your usual sugary drinks for water as water is much better for you and will keep your body sustained so you can exercise or complete your general tasks.  

Mind and Body: 8 Great Ways to Keep both at their Best

Ensuring that you have a healthy diet is one of the best ways to maintain both your physical and mental health, it is a common misconception that eating healthy only improves physical fitness but cutting out harmful chemicals and preservatives from your diet also promotes regular brain activity. There are a number of factors that are aided by eating healthy such as preserving a healthy sleep schedule which is a great way to improve your mental health also.  


Being hydrated ensures that your body has what it needs to retain your health and avoid further issues as a result of dehydration. When your body lacks water it is affected in a number of different ways, you will find that concentrating is harder when you are dehydrated and you could also experience pretty severe headaches if your body does not have enough water in its system. 

Vitamins and Supplements

Starting to use vitamins and supplements to ensure you are at peak mental and physical health is often very daunting especially if it is not something that you have tried before. You shouldn’t be afraid of using these amazing health products as taking regular vitamins in your daily life can actually be very beneficial. For instance, if you are someone that experiences issues with a lack of sleep you could be suffering from an iron deficiency that is affecting your motivation and energy levels. If this is the case you may find that taking vitamins gives you more long-lasting energy throughout the day that can seriously help you to improve your overall mental and physical health in a really big way.  

Benefits of CBD

CBD is a pretty new supplement that has some amazing benefits including helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety and producing a higher quality of sleep for people who suffer from issues in this area. There is a lot of speciation round these products with many asking où pouvez-vous acheter de l’huile de cannabis? You will be glad to know that there are now a lot of online retailers of CBD products to help you found a product that fits in seamlessly with your everyday lifestyle. CBD products are very versatile and you can find a variety of easy-to-use supplements to get you on your way to better mental and physical health. 


It should come as no surprise to you that doing regular exercise will help improve your health physically, however, what many people do not realize is that exercise is also a great way to unwind and relax your mind to help improve your mental health also. When you do exercise the body will release huge amounts of serotonin leaving you with a much more positive outlook and feeling throughout your day. 


Taking Time to Relax

If you are someone who is trying very hard with maintaining a strict exercise regime or you are trying new things to help improve your mental state, then it can be very easy to become overwhelmed with everything that you are trying to do. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your mind and body is to take a rest day and spend the day relaxing doing things that you enjoy or else you run the risk of becoming overworked which is not going to do you any favors.  


Implementing social time to see your friends and family on a  regular basis is a great way to make you feel more positive about things and boost your mood. Socialising can be done amongst other activities such as exercising meaning that you can help your physical and mental health simultaneously, one of the biggest reasons behind some of the worlds most commonly faced mental health issues comes from a feeling of loneliness so it is important now more than ever that you see your loved ones on a regular basis. 


Escaping in your favorite music is a great way to unwind and forget about your problems, getting lost in your headphones would have to be one of the best ways to help maintain your mental health, and it is something that you should do throughout the day. As mentioned previously it is very important that you find time to relax away from your commitments and using music is a great way to do this.  

Loving Yourself: How to Look Good while Injured

In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself injured in any way, you may feel that your confidence is knocked and some days it can be hard to find the motivation to put yourself in a positive mindset. One of the best ways to look good while injured would have to be feeling good and having a positive mindset, although it can be hard to see things positively especially if your injury leaves you incapacitated for a while. There are many things that you can do to boost your confidence and help you see things in a better light whilst you are on the road to recovery. It isn’t just about material items but a lot of what makes up the idea of loving yourself is how you feel on the inside and how that affects your outer appearance.


The thing to remember when it comes to dealing with the injury and healing process is that you cannot change what has happened and you can’t change the fact that you are injured. You should take the opportunity to think about any personal goals or even a few ways to prevent injuries in soccer so that you can reduce the chances of finding yourself in a similar situation in the future. If you are able to find the positives behind your injury and if you make use of your newfound time resting you are more likely to feel confident which will be reflected in how you look. There is no point in being too depressed about your injury and you should be focusing on making a full recovery so that you can get back to normality.



Although it has been mentioned previously that how you feel on the inside is more important than how you look on the exterior there is no denying that a bit of retail therapy can really help boost your mood. However, if you are someone who is suffering from a more serious injury that has affected your mobility, or if it means that you are forced to wear a cast you may find buying some new outfits a bit difficult. If any of your limbs are currently out of action then you may not be able to buy certain clothes for a while, so it may be a better idea to treat yourself to some small accessories such as a piece of jewelry so that you can look stylish without having to buy something that you are not currently able to enjoy.


If you are in a bad mood then going out for the day with your loved ones for a look around the shops could be just what you need, it can be an annoyance looking at things that your injury stops you from being able to wear so buying something smaller that you can use straight away may be the way to go.



It is easier said than done to simply achieve confidence but there are steps that can be taken to help you feel better about yourself so that you look better on the outside. A significant part of looking good comes from how you feel and how confident you look, no matter whether you are injured or not if you start to look at yourself in a more positive light and start taking things less seriously you are bound to look good and confident to those around you. This is easier said than done especially if you find yourself with an injury but accepting what has happened and the fact that you cannot change it is definitely the first step in this process.


Colorful Choices

If your injury is on the more serious side of it requires you to wear a cast around one of your limbs you will find that some items in your wardrobe are going to be off-limits for a while. It is often argued that clothing is one of the most effective ways to build confidence and that having an outfit that you personally enjoy is one of the best ways to feel good whilst looking good. This is often affected when you are injured so you have to make changes to how you dress and stay confident and comfortable to accommodate for your injury.


There are things that you can change to ensure your clothes are practical but still stylish enough to make you feel good about yourself. One of the best ways to do this would be to inject some color into your outfits when injured you will be limited to your more basic clothing to allow for as much maneuverability as possible so changing up your clothes color palette can be a great way to make sure your outfits are still eye-catching and fashionable.

Ten Famous Celebrities With Their Career In The Medical Field

Individuals regularly botch famous people as less smart, maybe because the characters they depict show up senseless and hilarious. Take, for example, on-screen character Rowan Atkinson who played the scandalous Mr. Bean, known for his insane experiences and his conduct that challenges accepted practices. However, Atkinson has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from The Queen’s College, Oxford! In this infographic, we uncover a few VIPs who went to clinical schools, some who are authorized specialists, all things considered.

  1. Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) 

You’ve most likely known about the acclaimed Argentine progressive Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, however, did you know his time at clinical school was such a key impact on his life? Destined to a liberal family in 1920s Argentina, the youthful Guevara exceeded expectations at numerous games yet experienced interminable asthma, which would keep on re-emerging for an incredible duration. After it turned out to be evident that the damp atmosphere of the family’s tea ranch was nothing but bad for their young child’s wellbeing, Guevara’s family moved to drier climes, and Ernesto joined up with school a year later than most youngsters. As he kept on pursuing his adoration for sports, he built up energy for rugby and was commended by instructors and companions for his authority abilities and caring character.

  1. Lisa Kudrow, Vassar College 

An American on-screen character, essayist and entertainer, the following of our big names is maybe most popular for her job as Phoebe in the staggeringly effective sitcom, Friends, which ran for an entire decade, from 1994 to 2004. Having additionally featured in Cheers, The Simpsons, and even hit Hollywood movies, for example, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997) and Easy A (2010), you’d be pardoned for pigeonholing Lisa Kudrow as a humorous sovereign of the of all shapes and sizes screen, as she is known by many.

It may appear to be astonishing at that point, that before her acting break, Kudrow was following a marginally unique profession way. The offspring of a trip specialist and a doctor, she finished secondary school and proceeded to finish a psychobiology degree at Vassar College, a little human sciences school in the territory of New York.

  1. Pau Gasol, University of Barcelona 

Proficient b-ball player Pau Gasol experienced childhood in Barcelona, Spain, with two clinical experts as guardians; his mom was a specialist and his dad, a senior medical attendant. Regardless of his initial love of the game, which saw him playing for Barcelona’s lesser ball group at age 16, he chose to follow a predetermined professional way, in his folks’ means. On the day that ball legend Magic Johnson openly declared his HIV-positive status, the youthful Gasol respectably concluded that he needed to go to clinical school to turn into a specialist and help discover a remedy for the illness.

  1. Ken Jeong, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

The following of our VIPs is another Hollywood star who began as a clinical understudy. Conceived in Detroit, Michigan, Ken Jeong before long moved with his family to North Carolina, where his dad functioned as a college teacher. After going to Duke University, Jeong finished his MD (Doctor of Medicine) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  1. Jay Sean, Queen Mary, University of London 

Kamaljeet Singh Jhooti, all the more usually known by his stage name of Jay Sean, was brought up in Southall, West London, where he went to a private auxiliary school. He earned amazing evaluations in the two GCSEs and A-Levels, before going to Queen Mary, University of London, to consider medication. Be that as it may, he left college in 2003 to advance his growing music profession.

  1. Mayim Bialik, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 

On-screen character Mayim Bialik was conceived in California. When of her secondary school graduation in 1993, she was at that point a fruitful youngster on-screen character, having featured in a bunch of film and TV jobs, remembering the primary character for the NBC sitcom ‘Bloom,’ which ran for five seasons.

Toward the finish of ‘Bloom,’ Bialik chose to set acting aside for later, and seek after increasingly scholarly objectives. Regardless of being acknowledged by both Harvard and Yale, she chose to stay near her family and went to UCLA, graduating with a BSc in Neuroscience, Hebrew Studies and Jewish Studies.

On finishing a neuroscience Ph.D. at UCLA, Bialik concluded that the life of a neurosurgeon was contradictory with her bustling family life, and rather reappeared the big time. She scored a few minor TV jobs and appearances, before an increasingly customary job as Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler in the hit TV arrangement ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Rather appropriately, the character is a neuroscientist.

  1. Deepak Chopra, All India Institute of Medical Sciences 

Conceived in New Delhi, India, Deepak Chopra is a main American clinical figure who rose to conspicuousness during the 1990s, after the arrival of a few books which bolster his backing of elective medication and otherworldliness.  Chopra’s dad filled in as a senior cardiologist in New Delhi and filled in as a specialist in the British Army in India. At a certain point, he was a clinical counselor to Lord Mountbatten, the last emissary of India.

  1. Graham Chapman, University of Cambridge 

English parody on-screen character Graham Chapman experienced childhood in the English city of Leicester before they embraced a clinical degree at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge and proceeding to go to St Bartholomew’s Medical College in London.

While learning at the University of Cambridge, Chapman joined the acclaimed Footlights club, which permits understudies with enthusiasm for satire and acting system with one another and sharpens their abilities. It was in the Footlights that Chapman met John Cleese. Discovering accomplishment with the Footlights on a visit through New Zealand, Chapman chose to seek after acting full time, and in the wake of conceding his examinations for a year, he, in the end, chose to surrender them by and large.

  1. Dr. Phil, Midwestern State University 

The following of our clinical understudy big names is known for consolidating his clinical abilities with ordinary TV appearances. Phillip Calvin McGraw, all the more ordinarily known as Dr. Phil, moved on from Midwestern State University in 1975 with a BA in Psychology. He proceeded to acquire a MA in Experimental Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Texas.

  1. Michael Crichton, Harvard University 

Like Dr. Phil, Michael Crichton additionally delighted in a profession in a field that was independent of yet significantly supported by his time as a clinical understudy. At the point when he passed on in 2007, Crichton left an enormous aesthetic inheritance behind him, having discovered acclaim and fortune as a creator, maker and executive. He was prevented from the abstract life because of terrible scores for English at school, thus at first sought after a clinical profession, going to Harvard College and later Harvard Medical School.

It was at Harvard Medical School that Crichton again took a stab at composing, and he before long started distributing his works. When seeing Crichton’s assortment of composing, it is obvious to see the contribution of his specialized information; a significant number of his works lean towards sci-fi or enthusiasm for biotechnology. Maybe the most popular of everything is the enormously effective ‘Jurassic Park’ arrangement.