As a woman, some of the best nights that you will have in your lifetime are the nights that you spend with your girlfriends. Sometimes all that you need is to spend some time with your gal pals and relay your most recent events to each other.

If you are a woman, then it is likely that your upcoming girl nights are something that you eagerly look forward to. When you find people that you relate to and get along well with, you can have all sorts of fun with nothing more than a couple of bottles of wine and some great music.

Girls nights give you a chance to share any big news you have, as well as plan upcoming events and confide in your friends. For the last year, there has been a bit of a halt on being able to attend or host girls nights, due to covid restrictions. Now that you are allowed to meet up with your friends again, you may be excited but also a bit apprehensive. Being social doesn’t come as naturally to people anymore, so you may be afraid that your next night with your girls might be a bit stiff. We have your back, here are 5 easy ways to make your next girls night much more exciting.

Head to a Karaoke Bar

Head to a Karaoke Bar

A great way to break through any awkwardness that may be lingering is by heading to a karaoke bar. You have no choice but to throw yourself into the situation when you are at a karaoke bar and it can be an embarrassing experience for you all. Singing is good for the soul and so hitting the karaoke bar will be a great way to work through any frustrations and built-up feelings that you may have.

Play Some Fun Games

There is nothing better than playing a few cheeky games with your friends. There is absolutely nothing that you can not share with your closest girlfriends, but if you haven’t had the chance to catch up in a while, it may seem a little awkward. We say that you jump straight in and ask embarrassing truth or dare questions, this will allow you to fall back into the comfortable state that you are used to and will give you a chance to catch up on anything that you may have missed during the time you were not hanging out with your friends.

Have a Cocktail Night

When drinks are flowing, you are bound to have a great night. At this point, we think that it is required that every girl group has a signature cocktail. Instead of choosing from a cocktail that exists, you can buy a bunch of ingredients and try to make one for yourself. You could even make it into a friendly little competition and see who manages to make a cocktail that truly represents the style of the whole group. You can then continue to make this cocktail at every group meet up, which will become a fun little tradition.

Arts and Crafts Night

Not every girls night needs to be full of booze and outrageous activities. Sometimes we all just need a relaxed night, but you don’t have to have this relaxed night alone. Why not get the girls together and start a DIY project together. We recommend that you do something collaborative, such as a painting night. A very common trend is trying to recreate Bob Ross paintings and it is a lot of fun that is guaranteed to bring all of your friends together.

Retail Therapy

Everybody loves shopping and there is nothing better than mooching around the shops with your best friends. Your friends will tell you if something looks good or bad, which is honesty that we all need every now and again. In between heading to the shops, you can also stop for a bite to eat. This is a great activity for this time of year, where Christmas is coming up and a lot of gifts need to be bought.

You can fit in some great conversations when you are walking with your friends as there is not much that you can do while shopping aside from catching up.