To become popular nowadays, it is important that makeup brands are environmentally friendly as this is something that is becoming increasingly important for many people, especially the younger generation. People will likely not be aware that their favorite makeup brands are actually not environmentally conscious and maybe even test on animals- which no one in their right mind would be happy about! Below are 4 makeup brands that you can use and know that you are not causing damage to the environment.


PHB Ethical Beauty

Well, this one really is what it says on the tin and there’s no risk of you getting mistaken here. This brand is very dedicated to ensuring that all its products do not pose a risk to the environment, including anything living in it. All their products do not include any toxic ingredients, are vegan, and work on a 0 zero-waste policy. Their beauty product deals are established in tandem with charities and organizations fighting climate change. A lot of thought goes into the packaging of these products to ensure they can all be recycled properly and to reduce the plastic use that we often see in the shops. This does mean that these products are often packaged in a fairly plain style but this actually adds to their aesthetic.


Odylique By Essential Care

This is another makeup brand that wants to make it as obvious as possible that they stand for all things environmentally friendly but to prove to people that this does not mean the makeup quality to worse, if anything it’s been shown to be better! They sell a wide range of vegan products which do not include palm oil or any toxins that may not affect humans but can have a detrimental impact on the lives of animals. All ingredients are 100% organic which also means that they are great for sensitive skin, because why should products that make us feel better about ourselves cause us to break out in rashes?!


Vyana Plant Beauty

If you have a look at this brand’s products (especially eyeshadow) you will be amazed! The pigment of these products is amazing and isn’t it good to know that everything is not only beautiful but also natural and not harmful to the environment? This brand also has packaging that aims for zero waste but something particularly unique about Vyana is that they use packaging made from corn starch, making it not only recyclable but dissolvable.


Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

The name idea behind this one is quite funny- the brand explained that due to people who feel strongly about protecting the environment usually being pictured as ‘hippies’ who are natural and have bad hygiene, they thought it would be funny to give their environmentally cautious this very name. This brand offers one of the largest range of environmentally friendly products- including foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, and even moisturizers. They have recently branched out into doing skincare and hair products after the makeup range became so popular. There have been rumors that this brand is unfortunately not completely palm oil free so this is something they are working on!